We are going to Venice! I will have an art show in Venice in the fall of 2017. I feel gleeful! Here are pictures of me in France. We are going to many of restaurants. We are meeting Lenny's friends. Meet my new friend Jean-Philippe Varin. He brings animals to many of movies. Meet my new friend Beatrice Cofield. Beatrice is bringing my art to Venice. I feel gleeful! Here are more of my paintings and more of my artist statements. I feel glad.

The duck and the tomatoes are on the plate with a special sauce at Gite Ecluse.
This is the old canal next to the Loire.  We are outside our restaurant.
I am standing in front of our restaurant on the Loire.
I am eating goat cheese salad at Le Bien Aller in Aubigny-sur-Nere.
I am standing with Lenny and with my new friend Jean Philippe Varin.  Jean Philippe owns the Jacana Wildlife Studios Ste.  His animals are in lots of movies.
This is me with my new friend Beatrice.  Beatrice is bringing me to Venice.  We will go to the Steiner Gallery.  Beatrice can bring 40 paintings.  She will bring 20 and I will bring 20.
We are at the Restaurant de l'Etang des Bois. Beatrice is looking at my painting of Tuscany, Italy.  I want to go to Italy.
This is mom and Lenny.  We are having good times with Lenny.

This is mom and Beatrice.  Beatrice is looking at my painting of Energy Hand.  We will go to Venice for a month next fall.  I feel peaceful and thrilled!

The Dripping and Splatter Abstract has different tones of blacks and silvers, and different hues of reds, golds, yellows, greens, and blues. I feel happy and enthusiastic about this painting!

The Summer Trees and the Blue Sky has different hues of greens, blues, and browns. The trees are floating above the earth. I feel creative and smart!

 The Black Vinyl Abstract has different tones of whites and blacks, and different hues of reds, oranges, yellows, blues, magentas and pinks. I feel gleeful and peaceful about this painting!  This painting is brilliant!

The Multicolored Linear Abstract #2 has different tones of silvers, and different hues of reds, light and dark oranges, sea greens, light and dark blues, magentas, lilacs, and maroons.  This painting is terrific!

The Autumn Leaves at Dusk has different tones of blacks and whites, and different hues of light and dark reds, oranges, yellows, blues, aquas, magentas, pinks, and browns.  I feel excited, proud and gleeful!  This painting is excellent!

Rainbow Dots Abstract #1 has many random dots in rainbow colors.  The dots have many layers.  I feel excited, thrilled, and peaceful!
Springtime Landscape Abstract has many different brush strokes, circles, and dots.  This painting has many blank spaces to see the canvas.  Swirling sky, grass, dirt, flowers, and colors of the sunset.  I feel thrilled and gleeful!

The lines have different hues of oranges, golds, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and pinks. The lines are tangled together. Blue is in the background. This painting makes me feel thrilled and peaceful.

I feel gleeful and enthusiastic!  The colors make you feel happy!  The rings around the circle spread out and make a bullseye pattern.  It looks masterful.  This painting is beautiful!

Your Friend,

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