Hello from France. We are having lots of adventures!

We had a birthday party for Lenny. We went to see the cows down the lane. We went looking for wild mushrooms. We went to Fontainebleau. We visited Lenny's friends at Les Coeurs, a small commune near Autry-le-Chatel. We went to a friend's honey farm. I feel joyful! I feel happy!

We are at Lenny's birthday party in our house.
The cows are near Lenny's house, inside a barn.

We are at the locks at Chatillon-sur-Loire.

We are in Chicois & Francine's house at Les Coeurs.
We looked for wild mushrooms near the house and cooked them for an omelette.

We are sitting on a park bench in Gien.

I am standing at the entrance to Palace of Fontainebleau.

I am standing at a big gate at Fontainebleau.

I am standing in front of Avenue des Cascades, at Fontainebleau.

We had lunch across the street from the Postes et Telegraphies building at Fontainebleau.

I am standing on the bank of the Loire, in front of downtown Gien.
I am standing in front of the honey barn. We bought honey!

Your friend,

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