We are in France, eating and traveling and going to amusement parks

Debra and I are in France, visiting Lenny and friends. Brooke is helping us with meals & driving & cleaning. We have different adventures every day, with amazing meals and a little exercise. I will be here for 70 days. I love France and I feel gleeful!

We walked around Montargis and had lunch and bought pralines.

I went to Nigloland amusement park with Brooke, in Dolancourt, Champagne-Ardenne.

I am standing in front of Gold Mine Train, which is getting older - it celebrates its 25th anniversary next year!

I am standing on the Loire riverbank, with Gien behind me.

I am at the entrance to Parc Asterix with Brooke.

Hail, Caesar!

I am standing near the Oz'Iris ride at Parc Asterix.

I love skeletons!

I am standing in front of Discobelix.

Pont Canal gate with Lenny, where the canal crosses over the Loire.

Riding in the Batobus with Debra and Lenny in Paris. We wanted to go to the Pompidou Centre but it was closed.

The old bridge at Gien, looking south across the Loire.

Apple tart that Marianne brought for our lunch.

I am standing on a footbridge in Montargis, over one of the many canals.

Lunch with Rocking Malek.

I miss all my friends in Cleveland and around the world. Thank you for following my blog! Happy Birthday to Lenny and Happy Halloween to everyone!

Your friend, Seth

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