3 Days in Barcelona, Spain!

The first place we visited in Barcelona was Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia basilica. I feel peaceful and wonderful! 
Another view of La Sagrada Familia from outside

Next, we visited Gaudi's Parc Guell. I feel proud and wonderful!

More Parc Guell. I feel glad!

More Parc Guell. I feel happy!

More Parc Guell! I feel thrilled and wonderful!

I am standing in one of the "caves" in Parc Guell. I feel excited and wonderful!

We are standing on top of Casa Mila (or La Pedrera, as it is widely known). This is another Gaudi designed structure. I feel happy and thrilled!

Another photo from atop Casa Mila, with Mom and Lenny. I feel enthusiastic!

Looking down from atop Casa Mila. I feel excited!

We drove past many amazing things on our tour bus around Barcelona. I feel peaceful.

We took a cable car that gave us an incredible view of the city. I feel gleeful!

Another view from the cable car. I feel excited!

When we reached the top of the cable car ride, there was a giant castle! I feel gleeful!

More from the top of cable car ride. I feel enthusiastic!

View from the tour bus

Another view from the tour bus 
I am near La Ramblas where we stayed. I feel peaceful.

We saw a flamenco concert. I feel enthusiastic! 
On our final day, Noah and I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I feel glad, proud, peaceful, and wonderful!

We saw an exhibit called the Honeymoon Project at the Museum of Contemprary Art. I feel excited!

Another room displaying part of the Honeymoon Project. That is all dyed bread behind me. I feel glad!

Next, Noah and I saw an exhibit at the Center of Contemporary Culture. I feel happy, glad, thrilled, and peaceful!

We are standing in the open square inside the Center of Contemporary Culture. I feel happy, glad, proud, excited, thrilled, gleeful, peaceful, enthusiastic, and wonderful!

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