Traveling to La Rochelle!

Forteresse d'Angles-sur-l'Anglin has ruins. It is broken down. I like the chateau.
We saw this troglodyte house on our way to La Rochelle. I feel wonderful!

Getting close to La Rochelle. I feel glad.

Entering La Rochelle. I feel thrilled and excited!

We have arrived at La Rochelle! This is the street we are staying at, Rue de Merciers. I feel happy!

This is the market on the end of our street. It is full of people. It has live music. It has many good foods. I feel happy, excited, thrilled, and gleeful!

Lenny, Debra, Sophie, and Seth. We are in front of Mairie de La Rochelle. I feel proud.

Sophie is taking us for a tour of La Rochelle. I feel gleeful, peaceful, and enthusiastic!

Tour Saint Nicolas and Tour de la Chaine in La Rochelle. I feel glad!

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