We are in France!

We are back in France.  We saw goats. We had dinner with Alain. We ate outside. We went to Montargis. We ate at a restaurant on the river. I am on instagram!
I am sitting with Rebecca and we are eating goat cheese and apples. I feel happy and excited.

We are sitting at my table with Alain Breuze for dinner.  We had steak.

I am standing with Lenny and the goats at the goat cheese farm.  I liked the goats.

Rebecca and I are sitting at the table outside in Coullons, France.
 We are sitting at Le Relais de Mantelot restaurant on the Loire River. It is a nice day.

I am holding skewer with steak kebab and french fries. It was good.
I am standing in front of canal in Châtillon-sur-Loire.
Easter gifts at Mazet chocolate store in Montargis.

Lenny, Debra, and Seth are sitting on the bench in Montargis. Mom is holding Mazet chocolates.
Lenny, Debra, and Seth are sitting outside eating turkey, vegetables, and cranberry sauce. I feel happy, glad, proud, excited and peaceful!

I am holding Côtes du Rhône wine. I am sitting at a cafe near the Loire River. Rebecca sometimes takes my picture. She has lots of exhibitions.

I am standing near the flowers. Tulips and daffodils near the Loire River.

I am standing near the Loire River in Gien, France. I feel happy, glad, proud, excited, thrilled, peaceful, gleeful, enthusiastic, tranquil and wonderful!

Your friend,

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