I went to New York. Now I am in Cleveland. Here is all my new work.

I painted in Kip's studio in Brooklyn. Lonnie Schlein came to visit. Now we are home and packing for France. I have been painting a lot!

I am painting flowers at Kip's studio.

I am painting explosions.  I feel wonderful!

Noah and Lonnie are watching me paint.

Lonnie and I are at Kip's studio in New York.

Lonnie is holding the camera.

Aunt Ellen and I are standing next to wooden sculpture.

Noah and I are standing next to Kip's painting at the Henry Norman Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.

I am standing in front of flowers in my garden in Cleveland.

I am holding One Black Eyed Susan painting.  My paintings are going to France.  I feel peaceful, gleeful and wonderful!

I am holding the Self Study I made in Kip's studio.

I am holding The Milky Way Over The Pinnacles in Australia. 
I am holding the Tree Mandala.  Mandalas will heal the people!

I am holding the Neon Mandala.  I feel gleeful!

I am holding Two Hot Air Balloons.  I like hot air balloons.

I am holding two King Seth Dolls. I feel wonderful!

I am holding Mandala Abstract.  I am continuing the Mandala.

I am kissing Sister Helen. Helen Prejean wrote Dead Man Walking.  She is a friend.  I met her in Little Cayman in February 2014. 

Your friend,

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