We are in France. These are pictures from my trip to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria.

I am standing in front of Kiss painting by Gustav Klimt. I feel thrilled and grateful!

I am standing in front of Bride by Gustav Klimt. I feel proud and grateful!
I am standing in front of the Judith painting by Gustav Klimt. I love Klimt!

This is a statue of Amor and Psyche at the Belvedere Museum. I feel excited and astonished!

I am standing in front of the black panther video that is in the fireplace. I feel glad and astonished!

This is Mom and I as the prince of Vienna and his wife. I feel thrilled and laughter!

I am in The Gallery Steiner. I will have an exhibition here next December. I am with Dominic Steiner.

We are at Wiener Riesenrad at Wiener Prater. I feel gleeful and enthusiastic!

I am standing with the white horse in Vienna. I feel glad and gleeful!

We are at the Spanish riding school watching the horses. I feel astonished!

Mom loves these horses!

We are standing on the balcony of Hotel Gellert in Budapest.
This is the bridge over the Danube river. I like how it is light up. 

I made a chocolate tart inside the Chocolate Museum in Budapest. I feel excited and thrilled!

This is the Hungarian dancer. I feel thrilled and enthusiastic!

The man is singing a Hungarian song. We had fried turkey with caramelized fruit. I loved it!

This is the Hotel Gellert. We stayed here in Budapest.

I am standing on my balcony looking at Danube river. I feel happy and excited!

This is our party on New Year's Eve.  Happy New Year!

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