I am in a film! I am in Fierce Love... and Art. We went to Austin for the world premier. I feel gleeful!

The pastries are at Le Fournil de Gien in Gien, France.

This is the cheese tray at Le Relais du Cor d'Argent. The top layer is all goat cheese. I love this restaurant!

I am standing in front of my paintings with Mom at the benefit at Skylight Financial Group in Cleveland, Ohio.

I am standing with Holden, Noah, Lenny, and Lydia. We ate at the Siam Cafe.

My painting will live with Nick Willis and Joanne at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea.
I am in a film.  I feel glad and wonderful!
I am standing on the red carpet at the opening of my film in Austin, Texas.
I am standing with Laurence and Rosanne Becker and Rosa Martinez. Laurence is the producer. We are all on the red carpet! I feel thrilled and enthusiastic!
I am standing next to Ron Zimmerman. Ron is the director. Ron and Laurence came to my house to film me for 3 days.

My Iguanas are in front of the screen at my opening in Austin, Texas.

I am on stage with Mom before my film.
This is my new "King Seth Travels The World" book.
This is School of Fish Diptych Left Side. This will be the front cover of my "King Seth Goes Underwater" book. 
This is School of Fish Diptych Right Side. This is the back cover of my book.

This is 3 Jellyfish for my "King Seth Goes Underwater" book.

This is my Light-up Chrysler Building.  My painting is plugged in. I have LED lights just like Disney.
This is my Chrysler Building in the Sky wood block on mahogany with golden mahogany frame with acrylic paint.

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