I am painting in France. I am painting ocean seascapes for my new King Seth book. We went to Bern, Switzerland.

The ocean is in the background.

I am painting Lionfish. It is unfinished.

We are standing in front of Zentrum Paul Klee Museum in Bern, Switzerland.

I am touching the art at Zentrum Paul Klee Museum.

This is the largest Paul Klee painting. I am standing next to the painting. 

Helene, Debra and I are sitting in Switzerland. I feel astonished! We came to visit Helene in Switzerland.

I am standing outside. I am wearing a Miro shirt.

I am standing inside in Gruyeres, Switzerland. 

I am standing next to Alien in the H. R. Giger museum in Bern, Switzerland.

We went to exhibition of reclaimed art.
'Degenerate Art' - Confiscated and Sold (Bern, Switzerland)
Nazi Art Theft and its Consequences (Bonn, Germany)

This is Karyatide met Urne by Auguste Rodin.

This is Kauernde by Auguste Rodin.

This is La Tige by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec.

This is Mademoiselle Pois Vert by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec.

This is Waterloo Bridge by Claude Monet.

The Swiss chocolate is in Bern, Switzerland.

I went to Musee suisse de la marionnette Fribourg.

The puppet is a mermaid.

The puppets are fishes.

The puppets are people.

The puppet is octopus.

I am starting Coral Reef painting.

I am mixing colors. I feel enthusiastic!

The Coral Reef detail has many lines and dots.

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