We went to the Cliffs of Dover! We had lots of parties. We are eating corn, apples and tomatoes from our garden.

We are at Restaurant de L'Etang des Bois. I am standing with Malek and Elvis.

I am holding a gourd in our garden.

Sylvie made a tart with apples from her garden..

I am standing in front of a shark statue in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

I am on the ferry near the White Cliffs of Dover.

We are holding corn from our garden. I ate corn with Alain.

We went to Nigloween at Nigloland!
I am standing with a skeleton horse at Nigloween!

We saw the headless horseman.

We go to see the horses every day.

I rode a horse on carousel in Gien.
I am working on a mandala. I feel peaceful!

We are playing happy birthday at Lenny's house.

We had a party at La Grillade Restaurant.

I am standing on a bridge in Chatillon-sur-Loire, France.

I am standing in Gien.

We found a secret garden in Gien.

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