I am working on King Seth Goes Underwater. We have happy holidays. We framed two more drawings. I started my next still life and my next cloud.

I am painting King Seth with Scuba for my King Seth Goes Underwater book.

I am painting goggles on my canvas.

The King Seth with Scuba, self-containing underwater breathing apparatus.

Mom, Nikki, and I went to Irving Berlin's White Christmas at PlayhouseSquare.

We are standing in front of the Christmas tree at PlayhouseSquare.

Thanksgiving dinner with Lois and Douglas.

We had chocolate covered strawberries.

The Iguana with Banana.

Platycodens are a flower in my garden.

The clouds have colored lines with loops.

The orange horse with clouds are in the sky.

I am painting the orange horse on my canvas.

The orange horse with blue sky on my canvas.
My new paintings are waiting for the photographer. I feel enthusiastic!
Your Friend,

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